When deploying to multiple environments (development, staging, production, etc.), you’ll likely want to deploy different configurations. Each environment/configuration should have its own file in dinnertime/settings and inherit from dinnertime.settings.base. A dev environment is provided as an example.

By default, manage.py and wsgi.py will use dinnertime.settings.local if no settings module has been defined. To override this, use the standard Django constructs (setting the DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE environment variable or passing in --settings=dinnertime.settings.<env>). Alternatively, you can symlink your environment’s settings to dinnertime/settings/local.py.

You may want to have different wsgi.py and urls.py files for different environments as well. If so, simply follow the directory structure laid out by dinnertime/settings, for example:


The settings files have examples of how to point Django to these specific environments.

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